RANDOX RX Analyzers

RANDOX is at the forefront of disease detection with more than 3,000 RX placements in more than 125 countries worldwide. RX analyzers are found in clinical, research, veterinary, university and educational institutions, forensic toxicology, and pharmacology laboratories . It has an international reputation for manufacturing the best quality reagents on the market and the largest dedicated testing menu on the market.

RX series

The RX series is a range of clinical chemistry analyzers for use in disease diagnosis and monitoring.

The RX series includes a range of semi-automated and automated analyzers; offering versatility and choice to meet the needs of all laboratory requirements

RX Series Includes

RX misano (semi-automated)

xray monaco

RX daytona+ (automated)

RX imola

modern rx

Reagent Quality

Confidence in results Every kit we sell is optimized and validated on our RX instruments

Minimal reagent volumes and our superior reagent stability allow for increased tests per kit, ensuring real cost savings for your business.

RX series test menu

The most extensive dedicated test menu on the market offering consolidation of routine and specialty tests on a single platform, meaning further cost savings. These tests include:


rx monaco

Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer.

Throughput of 170 tests per hour



Fully automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer.

Throughput of 270 photometric tests per hour, or 450 tests per hour including ISE


rx monaco

Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer.


xray daytona+

Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer.