ARSAL Laboratories

We are a Salvadoran company, dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical products, with 77 years in Central America and the Caribbean. We have a wide portfolio of Ethical, OTC and Veterinary products. We have a modern pharmaceutical plant and 5 manufacturing lines: liquids, small-volume sterile parenteral liquids, hormonal, solid and semi-solid sterile small-volume parenteral liquids , which comply with Good Manufacturing Practices standards.


We certify our commitment and passion for health.

At ARSAL Laboratories we are committed to providing high quality standards in our medicines, which are endorsed by the entities that regulate us.

We have Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices until September 2024

We are very proud of our progress and what we have achieved

The evolution of ARSAL has been our focus in recent years. It has required us to transform, adapt, unlearn, and learn to achieve the goals set and the operation of the company.


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