SHA management in times of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Get to know the data of the Annual Safety, Hygiene and Environment Achievements Report for the year 2020: SHA IN ACTION.

As part of the prevention measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, through the implementation of a cutting-edge solution, the Fingerprint Marking System was changed to Biometric Marking with a temperature sensor. For this, the biometric records of each Co-worker were taken and there is the capacity to add new data. The system allows you to keep a record of individual dialing, as well as obtain graphs, trends and information on the temperature of each Co-worker as well as their use of a mask.

Biometric marking with temperature sensor

Life lines are protective equipment that are essential for the safety of Co-workers who work at heights, being anchor points that are used as support or brake in the event of a fall. In this context, a lifeline system was installed on the ceiling of the Finished Product Warehouse, as part of the risk prevention measures necessary for work at height.

Ceiling Lifeline in Finished Product Warehouse

Occupational Health and Safety signage is a badge that provides information, provides guidance, guides to evacuation routes or safety zones and indicates the location of equipment or systems that allow eventual emergencies to be controlled.

In this sense, the parking lot was marked for the exclusive use of people with disabilities, in compliance with the Law on Equalization of Opportunities for People with Disabilities.

Pedestrian crossings were also marked in the entrance areas to the main building and the Finished Product Warehouse, the meeting points and the demarcation of risk areas, such as the diesel boiler. Similarly, a ramp was built for the emergency exit of the Finance area and the missing handrails of the Raw Material Warehouse and access to the dining room. Finally, the horizontal and vertical demarcation of fire extinguishers.

In compliance with the General Risk Prevention Law of El Salvador, a sink was installed in the dining room and in both entrances to the facilities of the main building. Two sinks are stainless steel with pedal action (Gate 1 and Dining Room) and one sink with elbow or fist action (Gate 2).

As of November 2020, the Occupational Safety regulations for Raw Material, Input and Finished Product Warehouses were implemented, which details the requirements that must be met within such facilities. One of the main ones is the obligatory use of personal protection equipment, helmet, vest for visitors and safety shoes or, failing that, safety shoes. This, as part of the measures to prevent risks of falls at different levels, cuts, handling of forklifts, among others.

Starting in December 2020 and ending at the beginning of January 2021, an Electrostatic Mesh was installed with the aim of preventing the generation of static electricity inside the alcohol warehouse, which could generate a risk of ignition or explosion given the flammable nature of the product. stored. The interconnection of the mesh ensures that the entire structure has the same potential and avoids parasitic currents that could cause a spark and this, in turn, a fire. The system has two handrails, one at each entrance to the area, so that anyone who enters can do their static discharge. Similarly, a demerit is closed with the Fire Department of El Salvador.

The fire detection system was refurbished and its component elements were replaced based on the type of environment: strobe lights, manual stations, connection and wiring. The elements of the detection system located in the Production Plant and other specific areas comply with IP 57, that is, it is suitable for humid conditions, avoiding false alarms.

All of the above is part of the implementation of continuous improvement actions and their results of the Occupational Health and Safety Management of ARSAL Laboratories. Continuous improvement is a common and daily effort, in which we can see progress gradually, resulting significant over time and with the support of all.

Cecilia Cordova

Nurse/Internal Reporter