Dental health at the service of all.

During the month of December 2019 and with an extraordinary period in the month of February 2020, ARSAL Laboratories Employees enjoyed dental services provided by the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security

During the inauguration, authorities of the Institute
Salvadoran Social Security and our
General Manager, José Antonio Blanco.

Thanks to the initiative and effort made between the Business Clinic and the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security, the Itinerant Dental Services campaign was carried out, where the Co-workers had the great opportunity to receive oral health services in an adequate space and equipped within the ARSAL Laboratories facilities.

This service was installed during the month of December 2019 jointly with the ISSS and its authorities. This is the second itinerant dental team of the aforementioned institution, our facilities being selected to launch the team and open this tour nationwide, our Co-workers benefiting from this important service.

Itinerant Dental Clinic Facilities

The purpose of this day was to promote oral health in our Co-workers with the support of the ISSS who provided the equipment as well as the staff, in order to have a health-oriented service for our people at hand.

The services provided were: dental cleaning, simple extractions, fillings. In addition, cases of endodontics and orthodontics were referred to the specialized level.

A total of 197 queries were made, representing 83% of the total population of Co-workers, 61% women and 39% men. All consultations were attended by Dr. Gilberto Vásquez, dental surgeon.

In order to know the perception and level of satisfaction of the users, a survey was carried out where, in addition to evaluating the quality provided, they had the opportunity to express their comments. Among which stand out: “ Personally, very good medical attention and kindness, in general, they fulfilled my expectations ”, “Excellent idea of installing the clinic in the company, it would be good to repeat it periodically ”, “Excellent service”.

This activity made it possible to cover the need for dental evaluations and consultations, taking into account that untreated oral diseases can have a great impact, not only aesthetically but also in enjoying an excellent quality of life.

Cecilia Cordova

Nurse/Internal Reporter